Gretchen Potts


Simple and graphic style. Collaborative and thoughtful interaction. I like to solve problems.


Gretchen Potts


Why do I design? To solve problems. It could be a simple issue, or complex. Design helps us solve them all. Sometimes solutions are visual, sometimes conceptual, concrete or abstract. We may end up with a brand-new object, or a novel tool. Design allows us the flexibility to achieve this type of solution.   

Successful design is a process. The beginnings of a solution are often discovered through a deep understanding of the problem. This takes research, thought and meaningful conversation. When I begin to discover a solution, it is through collaboration and thoughtful critique where I can build the foundation for a lasting and successful outcome. With every iteration, comes a stronger, more meaningful and potent solution. The more I put into the process, the more successful the result.

Let's solve a problem together. 


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